Puppy Trying To Get His Treat

These adorable puppies are so steadfast is hilarious!

Meet Charlie the Beagle and Ollie, puppy brother in crime. Jus kidding, all they really care about is their delicious treats! The video shows Charlie and Ollie trying to reach the treat in the table from over the floor.

Ollie took the lead in making all the hard work, bad luck that the poor didn’t get it considering Charlie stole it at the end.


When Ollie was about losing his optimism, Charlie took advantage, threw himself with all his strength onto the table and reached the desired treat.

Just look at that grace and elegance…(cough cough)

The result is one happy puppy and a sad puppy that I hope got a treat after all that. But still, very funny dough!

Aww, they are so lovable!

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