Social Project

Healing Hearts

Flowers have the power to transform moods and feelings, but also they can transform lives. In Meraki Flowers we have understood that working with love generates an economic return, but true happiness is revealed and enjoyed when that same profitability is shared with people in need.

When you buy flowers from Meraki you are sponsoring our kids rehabilitation process, our purpose transcends from the commercial to become a social project which make you feel in coherence with the wisdom your heart.

For Meraki Flowers its really a joy to deliver flowers of the highest quality, to see our customers build with success their floral projects and when a young man in trouble receives a helping hand that helps him transform his emotions and his life.

…we donate 2 penies per dollar on the monthly sales for the Healing Hearts Project.

…our purpose transcends from the commercial to become a social project…

What is The Healing Hearts Social Project about?

1. From every dollar that Our company receives
when you acquire our flowers

We donate two pennies to hogares San Jose, an initiative that involves participating in the transformation of 1.600 hearts between babies, kids and teenagers from all areas of Colombia, South America That have been victims of psychological, affective and emotional abuse as well as with addiction problems and victims of war – violence.

2. We give away floral arragements  to the groups
that the social worker assign to us.

In established periods in a carefully designed chronogram. We measure their emotional progress and send to you a report of how your purchases are helping our kids to heal their hearts. We believe this initiative seeks to generate happiness through the power of our flowers!