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Synkretism consists of foundational technologies working together in an integrated way to provide a platform for developing business solutions optimize for rich media to produce, distribute and enjoy multimedia content that is unbounded by time, location or device.

Synkretism is a methodology that creates a road map of activities, investments and best practices that leads to creating a smart grid to Borderless Medianet content. Synkretism establish the smart grid journey to communicate vision and strategy, and to assess current opportunities, choices and future goals.

I am a systems integrator. If you want to know more about what a systems integrator does, please visit the following link:

As an integrator, I am specialized in the subject area of entertainment-education.

System integrators perform a wide range of tasks. Actually, integrators and film directors or TV producers are quite alike, but we integrators have a more technical approach to the processes. Our preproduction is also more complex and long during.