The Tree of Life is made up of 10 Spheres (Sephiroth). Additionally, there is another named “Daath”, which is unmanifested because it was lost together with the descent of Man. With “Daath”, however, there is a total of 11 Spheres. This Sephirah is found suspended in a Higher Dimension, awaiting for a change in our Consciousness to bring us together with Her again. Daath represents Eden.

The Spheres interrelate through the 22 Pathways that connect them and each Sephirah contains the 4 Worlds of Divine Manifestation.

Over and above the Tree, there are the 3 Veils of the Unmanifest, which emerge from the Purest State of Non-existence to that of Existence. They are Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur. These 3 Veils are Aspects of a single God, analogous to a 3-sided triangular pyramid.

God Unmanifest in his Ain Soph Self, through an Act of Supreme Will, contracts to form the Void of Ain, which likens an Air Bubble containing Nothing within an Abstract Absolute Space. Such dialectic tension between All and Nothing allows the Infinite Light to Appear represented in Ain Soph Aur which will finally Materialize in the Physical World, traversing the 10 Stations of the Tree of Life, from Kether to the last one, Malkuth or Earth, descending through each one like a Flashing Ray while becoming imbued with the Qualities and Characteristics of each one.

  1. Kether
  2. Chokmah
  3. Binah
  4. Chesod
  5. Geburah
  6. Tiphareth
  7. Netsach
  8. Hod
  9. Yesod
  10. Malkuth

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